Come On…

I could not wait to get to the end of this article.  I probably could have muddled through most of it, but then I hit the friendship paragraph and the “visceral, personal connection” between a blogger and a reader. Come on. Personally, I find Sullivan’s “friendships” with his readers to be about as substantiated as a Britney Spears pop song.

I also took issue with his assertion that “Blogs get away with less.” Come on. Does anyone remember the Shirley Sherrod scandal with the FOX blogger Andrew Breitbart?? He did exactly what Sullivan claims bloggers can’t get away with–he took her words out of context with the actual footage readily available on the internet of her true words and the context. Even with Breitbart’s asinine move, it brings to the surface an important point about blogging. Whatever you type in your moment of anger, sadness, lust, paranoia, self-pity, or whatever is out there immediately and forever. The best analogy I can draw is when a lawyer yells “Objection!” but really, it doesn’t matter. The question is already out there. It’s already in the mind of the jurors.

Lastly, I concur with Sullivan’s statement that blogging is “writing out loud.” It’s just to anyone and everyone who doesn’t want to hear it, as well. The real irony here is that I am doing everything I just complained about. In my moment of annoyance and anger to what I read, I went to this blog. Come on.


2 thoughts to “Come On…”

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. He assigns a lot of deep meaning to the blogger/reader relationship that he can’t really back up, and he doesn’t pay attention to the fact that bloggers (especially less popular ones) can most definitely get away with not fact checking.
    Also it was just a very very long article.

  2. Katie, I totally agree with you that bloggers can get away with more. In fact, I just commented about that on a different blog entry, ha-ha. They don’t have an external revision process, like other writing outlets. Therefore, they can say whatever they want.

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