Demons and Dreams

The human condition itself is not something definable except for the small glimpse of reactive emotion one might observe. To piece those moments together, however, is the hopeless job of the narrative for no two people might understand those displays in the same way. It is as impossible for me to solve such a riddle as it is inevitable that I try thus I will be stuck in the same unending loop. It is my blessing for certainly my reality promises to be an interesting one if not a world whole based in fact; however,I am possessed by an urge for comprehension that will never be fulfilled. It is this haunting desire that consumes my identity and demands that I write.

2 thoughts to “Demons and Dreams”

  1. “I am possessed by an urge for comprehension that will never be fulfilled.” I really like this–and I often feel the same sense of frustration and hopelessness in my writing. It’s a feeling that, no matter how accurately I feel I’m expressing a scenario, it will never resonate with everybody–it will never touch everyone in the same way that it touches me, or hopefully at least one other reader.

  2. This piece was really cool. I liked how different your tone and language was compared to how it normally is. It is this striking difference that makes the piece readable because honestly, I think that it was hard to understand. I knew what you were saying and I liked the way that you did, yet it took me a couple of reads to fully get it.

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