Exploring Why I Write

When I started writing my essay, I had no idea why I write.  Pinpointing one specific reason seemed like an impossible task.  The answer to this question is not something I regularly think about, and let’s be honest here, most of you probably don’t ponder this question very often either.  However, as I started writing and trying to answer what seemed like a very foreign question, I found that my essay became an exploratory tool—an internal conversation that allowed me to answer this central question.  Throughout my exploration I found that there is no one definitive answer to the question “why I write.”  Writing, I concluded, is the product of my own creativity, love of description, need for self-expression, and understanding.


2 thoughts to “Exploring Why I Write”

  1. Reading your blog post after reading your essay was really interesting because in your essay I could totally see how you were having an internal conversation. At times, it seemed as if you were having a conversation with the reader, which was really cool. I also think you mastered the development aspect of the assignment because as your essay progressed you truly developed and demonstrated an idea of why you write.

  2. I really liked the last line of your post about writing being a product of several different things. I think that makes a lot of sense. I also definitely agree that there is no single, definitive answer to why we write. I think what is important in this next essay is that we explore why we write, examine our motivations, and make an attempt to understand a question that really lacks any answers, or boundaries.

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