Really, the first paragraph written by Brandt made my laugh:

A prominent East Coast vanity press announced recently that it was the first ghostwriting firm in the country to offer their clients insurance protection against charges of plagiarism. Yes, for an extra fee people who pay other people to write books for which they will take the credit are protected in the event that the people they hire are using somebody else’s work without crediting it.

I couldn’t believe that this was actually being written because it is actually true. Really? People are paying for this? Why?

I first off don’t understand why people would pay other people to write things in their name. I understand that people are lazy, or want to take credit for something but don’t want to put in the work.  But this takes it to a whole different level.  It’s like cheating. It’s almost the same as me paying someone to write this blog post. Maybe not quite, since this is for a grade, but it’s close enough.  This blog may get annoying at times, or not be my preferred way of communication for the class, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to post things under my name because the ideas posted would not come from me, and may not necessarily reflect my views.

The other thing I don’t quite understand is why people are paying for this kind of service when it sounds somewhat sketchy.  They are offering protection in case the person you hire plagiarizes? I feel as if this also gives you a bad reputation, so why would you want to risk your name as well?  If you are going to do something not quite honest like this, you should probably try to be careful and hire someone who can be responsible for your sake.


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  1. I haven’t read our article for class yet, but just a fun fact… I was obsessed with the Babysitter’s Club book series by Ann M. Martin. Apparently almost the entire series is written by ghost writers. Why? Money. She couldn’t pump them out fast enough for the demand.

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