History of Text

I absolutely loved the historical information about writing through the ages. It is simply incredible that the very thing we all take so much for granted, and use so often it is second nature, had to be invented and pass through a series of stages to become what it is today. I suppose every technology is similarly developed, and there are many we take just as much for granted, like the use of electricity or cooking.

I laughed when I read about Plato’s suspicions about writing being bad for people, and causing them to lose knowledge. Not just because I personally write so that I do not  lose knowledge, but because dislike of a new technology is a time-honored tradition and it just warms my heart to hear that people have been freaking out about new things since ancient times. Its just so classic! (haha and it happened in the classical era, I am so funny).

He kind of looks like a Muppet, doesn't he?


The bit about using the newest technology to criticize said technology is also interestingly accurate. I had never really thought about that in depth before reading this Ong article.

All in all, good article, I learned new things. What did you think?

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  1. 😀 I think he kinda looks like a Muppet, too. But a grouchy one. Yes, one of the reasons that I like history so much is that it is tempting to think about history as some great series of time periods utterly divorced from the present day, but then you just keep on finding these small but lucid human moments (like disliking new technology) that connect to the present day.

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