How I’ll Write in “Why I Write”

What I find particularly effective in the article that I would like to emulate is both its clear, informative style, and also its nuanced argument that it offers. I’d really like to work on making my writing more clear: correcting awkward sentence structures and comma placements, wordy phrases, and overall vague language. These are major obstacles that I find in my writing which prevent me from clearly elucidating an argument. A writer may have the most creative, brilliant, insightful perspective on an issue, but it means nothing if he or she cannot communicate it effectively.

I define myself as an analytical, argumentative writer, both stylistically and thematically. Not only do I enjoy breaking down complicated scenarios by questioning and examining the work of other writers, but I really enjoy taking these situations and trying to understand them in a different way. Thinking about myself as an essayist is how I will develop the confidence to make the sometimes-bold arguments that I believe in, but I think that by considering myself as such will also make me more conscious of my words and my phrases.

I have so many reasons why I write, and right now I’m thinking of playing around with the idea of mixing styles of stream of consciousness with more direct analysis and pointed commentary. I don’t think this is possible, but we’ll find out!!

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