Imagine if I wrote my entire essay like this

Why I Write (Sylvia Plath Remix)

I write because I

Breathe, because I need

to feel like I’m making a little word with my own



I write because I read

Pages make such impressions on me;

Its only natural I should wish to leave

Fingerprints on one of them in return.


I write because these images only stay

Running through the mazes of my mind so long

before finding their way out. I must scrawl

them on my wrist before they’re gone.


I write because my lifelines hold

Secrets no palmistry experts could trace out,

But my pencil bleeds leaden secrets,

Across scraps of paper, plain as day, grey as clay.

And needs not occult to do it.


This was my pitiful attempt to write like Sylvia Plath, using dashes, creepy imagery, enjambment, and honesty to convey a point. I hope it is not an entire disaster.

2 thoughts to “Imagine if I wrote my entire essay like this”

  1. This is great! It has a lovely poetic rhythm. I think you’ve done a superb job of expressing why you write while successfully writing in the style of Sylvia Plath.

  2. This is not pitiful at all! you have such a powerful creative energy in that poem and I think it is something you should definitely be proud of. Do you have much experience writing in poetic form? Expressing ideas like this, without the clutter and the analytic excess is something I would like to strive for. I think you have achieved it perfectly.

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