Why I Write

I enjoyed the George Orwell piece on writing very much. He was descriptive and showed how he began writing at a very early age. I thought my personal reasons for writing were very different than his because I was more involved in essay writing as a child and grew slowly into fictional writing as I grew older. His piece was extremely insightful and inspired me to consider why I myself began writing.  It was really interesting that he explored how selfish writing can be because I have never thought of it that way before. But, I do agree with him. By handing a piece of your work to someone, it is saying that you have enough confidence that your writing will be worth their time and energy to read it.  Though I don’t want people to think that writing is a bad thing or to necessarily stop writing, it is interesting to think about writing as a very self-involved, egotistical process.

The Joan Didion piece was very different from the Orwell piece even though they shared the same name and a few of the same characteristics. I thought it was interesting that she talked so much about how selfish writing is because she was writing about writing. Also, it struck me as selfish that she stole the name of the article from Orwell. It was an interesting concept that explored irony of writing also without actually mentioning it.

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  1. I find it extremely interesting that you progressed from essays to fiction as you got older. I feel it is usually the opposite way around. What got you interested in fiction writing?

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