Writing for Bronte. And for myself.

Although I know that the purpose of this is to write like Charlotte Bronte, I have yet to exercise my skills as a literary genius who is able to so fluidly present something that is so meaningful and yet, so beautiful. However, after much careful thought into what exactly drew me to this piece that I have chosen, I think I will be able to achieve this task in a way of my own. It may not be in her personal style, but I chose this because it engaged my mind and it related to me personally. Not only in life, but also in why I write. Bronte states, through her character Jane, that women are placed in too strict social restraints. Could it be, that subconsciously I chose this passage because I write to break free of those norms? Women have been socialized to be the opposite of men. By embracing femininity and all it has to offer, we will be able to distinguish the two opposite sexes and their characteristics. Honestly, I know that I do conform to these ideals. It has been ingrained in us since the time we were infants. However, i think that I write as a testament to myself that I do not have to submit. I use writing as  a method of self-development, and by creating a persona within my social creation of “self,” I am able to encompass all the traits that I may fear (even subconsciously) to display in the “real world.” To me, this is a reflection of Bronte’s work. Although not beautiful or fluid, it answers a question by proving a point. I am hoping it is something she would be proud of.

2 thoughts to “Writing for Bronte. And for myself.”

  1. “I write as a testament to myself that I do not have to submit.” This is a really powerful statement and I love it. I feel a similar sense of confidence when I write, and it’s almost as though by verbalizing my own opinions and thoughts, they become legitimized. My work and my words have meaning, and so long as I BELIEVE in them, somehow I feel like I’m not only combatting social norms and stigmas, but also just stupid personal insecurities. You go girl!

  2. This is written very well and I’m sure Charlotte Bronte would be proud! I like how your writing seems to show that you are defining yourself in words and not letting the words define you.

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