Audio Editing Tools!

What is the range of software options available in this particular category?


Online Manuel:

  • ·Record from microphone, line input, or other sources.
  • ·Record whatever sound playing on computed, including internet radio streams
  • ·Format existing sound bites: Mix tracks together, remove vocals from recordings and other effects
  • ·Multi-track recording: record harmonies with yourself, or add new instruments or vocals to an existing recording.


  • create music
  • create podcasts
  • edit sound clips

 Sound Recorder

  • Record audio from a microphone video or headset.

What is available for users with different levels of expertise?

GarageBand and Audacity are both pretty advanced in terms of the range of tools they provide and the things you can do, however are both relatively easy to learn.

Which options are supported by the University?

All three!! Here are a few additional resources on campus:

· Duderstadt Multimedia Workroom: offers orientations, class workshops, specific training sessions and personal support       

  • Digital Media Commons:
  • The Multimedia Lab, located in the Student Business Cente
  • Audio Editing Suites at the Media Center:       
  • Michigan Productions: Offers full range of video production services, including Audio Editing, Multi-Track Mixing & Audio Correction…  “After the record, we can assemble and process your video into a finished program. We have a fully equipped editing and post-production facility with three edit stations, and multi-platform support. We also have a music library of nearly three hundred CDs with royalty free titles.”

What are your favorites (and why), and/or what else should we know?

Audio editing is brand new to me, but I’ve found that Audacity is pretty straight-forward.

Fun Fact: Microsoft Word has a neat Audio function that allows you to record and save sound clips! This might be handy for personal interviews


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