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There are a few themes that I notice throughout the majority of my blogs: I am self deprecating, I don’t usually (ever) enjoy writing, and my writing becomes gradually sloppier the more posts you read. These themes are a little unfortunate, seeing as they aren’t necessarily true in real life. Yes, I have a self-depricating humor, but it only comes out in extreme sarcasm which really doesn’t translate well into writing. Yes, I have been overwhelmed by the writing that I have had this semester, but I do not hate it. I would not be here if I did. I don’t know if I can really attribute the sloppiness to anything other than laziness and poor time-management though. Oops!

I thought that the posts I found most interesting were ones where I actually take the time to think about what I write. In most of those cases, the posts have come to a grand conclusion of self-knowledge, and looking back onto those is really rewarding.

I recieved so many great comments over the course of this process. We all really know each other and have a sense of understanding of our writing. I wouldn’t say that there are any that have been unsatisfying. In fact, they really made even the most insignificant blog posts seem special. So thanks group!!

In the future, I know that I need to get back to taking the time to blog. I enjoyed reading those in which I came to a revelation. I also would like to comment more in order to give my new group the same positive feedback that I received over the past 5 weeks.

2 thoughts to “Blog reflection activity”

  1. I think that this activity was definitely a great way for you to realize what you don’t like about the writing you have been doing this far. I, too, enjoy using sarcastic humor, but I have found that it rarely translate nicely into text. Think about all the text-messages that you have sent that you thought were funny, but people actually got offended by them 🙂 I think that it is a great idea to put more time aside for writing the blog posts. I am planning on doing the same as we move forward in the semester.

  2. I really agree with you here! I think that looking back on the posts where I was able to explore some new idea was the most interesting. I also have this ongoing problem where I try to be sappy or sarcastic in my writing and it just doesn’t come across that way…it almost makes me sound bitter. I really want to try and work on making my writing come across as expressive of how I am feeling.

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