Everything’s not for the audience

I have to admit that when I entered the minor and saw that we had to do an e-portfolio with online archiving, I had no real concept of what an e-portfolio was. I thought it would be something like a laundry list of our selected works in some sort of online personal data base thing that I had never seen. Obviously, I was wrong.

I think that I am excited about the idea of creating the medium in which we present our writing. The problem is I am majorly lacking in the creativity department. I always colored inside the lines, I didn’t have to be taught, I’m just that kind of person. In thinking about designing my own e-portfolio, I don’t have any ideas.






I guess I do know what I do and don’t like. I appreciate clean, organized, and a unifying theme. I dislike clutter, multiple different sized fonts, and cheap looking color schemes. In class on Thursday, we talked about makingĀ  your e-portfolio your own while still thinking about audience. I thought that pretty much everything we do is already, to some degree, for an audience. However, after more consideration, we pretty much do what we want how we want maybe within the limits, or confines, of a certain audience, but largely everything is still up to us. If I wrote a paper, composed a speech, or made an website strictly for a particular audience, the integrity and authenticity of me as the author or creator would be lost in my careful construction. No one likes a liar. I think that in every choice you make about design or font or color, you are showing a part of yourself whether you feel like you are or not. Another thing that I find overwhelming about the e-portfolio design is the sheer number of options out there. Like with the technology presentations so far, the possibilities are essentially endless and that is more terrifying than it is freeing or exciting to me.

It's all just mustard, right?

2 thoughts to “Everything’s not for the audience”

  1. I enjoyed reading this! Your picture of the mustard is so funny! I’m struggling with the same issues. I don’t really have an idea of how I want my portfolio to be; I just know that I want it to be organized with a clean yet bright layout. I think this is the most challenging aspect of the class and of the minor as a whole.

  2. This was hilarious. Thanks for the pic – I thought it was pretty creative. I’m pretty sure “It’s all mustard” is something I’m going to start saying regularly.

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