I’m hard to read

Blogging has given me the freedom to explore complex issues, but doesn’t pressure me to back each statement up as I would in a formal paper, which is pretty cool, perhaps annoying for some. It’s posts that reveal interesting observations or issues that I find the most satisfying to write, and remind me of how I feel after having a compelling discussion with a friend. I step away feeling refreshed and more clear-minded about complex topics. The fact that this blog provides a forum for communicating personal reflection writing is also really awesome. Articulating frustrations as a writer helps me understand how I can think through problems more clearly and incorporate peer feed-back.

It’s especially helpful for me to hear what personally resonated with you in my posts—if anything. My style is obnoxiously wordy and can be exhausting (I’m working on it) so it’s nice to hear if you think I could I have spelled out an idea in a clearer manner, and also, if my thoughts made sense whatsoever.

One thought to “I’m hard to read”

  1. I’m not sure if you were trying to get at this point or not, but it’s really helpful to me when I write about frustrating things and I can look back at them and hopefully understand them more. Sometimes it can take some work to get my thoughts down completely, but I usually try really hard to make coherent arguments.

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