Isn’t it interesting how far we have come

in our writing? Maybe it is just me, but looking back into the re-purposing assignment has really got me thinking about the leaps I have made in my writing over the period of just a year. I went through many of my previous writing assignments to find the perfect essay to recreate in a different context/genre/whatever. What I found was that not only did I find the one i wanted to use for this assignment, I ended up wanting to rewrite many papers in general! This semester I am taking two English classes and it is the first time since freshman year. Not to say that I haven’t taken some pretty extensive writing classes since then. I never thought I would say it but a 12 page paper no longer seems like a “long paper.” The difference here is that I was graded mostly on my ideas and how relevant they were to the course, not necessarily how they were presented and the style/tone of my writing. Since taking English 325 and becoming more immersed in the writing minor, I am once again learning how to edit a paper and make it the best possible format for my argument. I am really happy that this is the case because it reconfirms my belief that I am still an OK writer–something that I needed to convince myself after looking back.


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  1. I really like this post. I often feel the same way about papers I’ve written in the past. I don’t think this feeling will ever disappear though. Sometimes you have to step away from your paper and look at it weeks, months, even years later in order to restructure it into something you really like.

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