It’s All About the Design

While browsing the web to find 5 of my favorite websites, I noticed a theme among the ones I chose. They are all very pleasing to the eye (and all about fashion, confidence, dating, and/or magazines). What can I say? I am drawn to these topics. One website I especially like is i am that girl. I chose it because of its fun, informal appeal, interactivity and use of photos. Each time you scroll over a new section, either a word or a picture, something happens. The words flash, the pictures light up, and there is a clicking sound in the background. There is also a cool transition each time you click on a new tab. I think all of these functions add to the appeal of the website by allowing the audience to interact with the website. This website emphasizes its visual focus by including a cute logo and effectively grouping together photos in a collage format.  I like how i am that girl is set up like a bulletin board. It’s a cute layout and design choice that draws in the reader and matches nicely with the site’s positive message.


Here are the 4 other sites I chose along with why I chose them:

Her Campus: Frequently changes, consistency in color, easy to navigate, tabs neatly organize topics into different sections

Shop Bop: simple, clean lines

Cosmo: good use of white space, consistency in all caps, big heading

Ed2010: easy to navigate, presents the material in a neat way by clearly labeling different sections, the use of blue and orange text against the simple white background is pleasing to the eye

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  1. Those all sound like very good websites to imitate in forms of style. It’s interesting how much the way in which a website is laid out affects our perception of the site and the writing on it in general.

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