Let’s Powerpoint it up, yo.

Because that is what I have decided to do for my remediation project! I wrote about doing a radio interview for my proposal, but as I am sick of fabricating circumstances, and a radio show would involve a lot more making up elaborate backstory, not to mention making up a radio personality, making one of my friends pretend to be said radio personality, and a whole lot of other nonsense like that. A Powerpoint presentation is simple, effective, probably useful in the legal field for explaining things to paralegals and such, and I can create a comprehensive presentation going over my argument in detail in a creative way. I am fairly used to using Powerpoint, as I had to employ it throughout high school for projects, and it is the medium we use at SAPAC for our workshops. I will probably use music clips instead of quotes for examples, and can use pictures for illustration of points. I hope that it will look professional and like something a lawyer might use in a presentation. I am excited to see my argument in such a concise format with so many ways to be creative.

4 thoughts to “Let’s Powerpoint it up, yo.”

  1. I think a PowerPoint would suit your project perfectly. Are you going to add images of the crime scene to the PowerPoint, though? It would make it look realistic!

  2. Joseph: I don’t know where I would get pictures, but you are probably right about it looking realistic. Maybe some stills from Law and Order might work.

    Hannah: Thank you!

  3. I think you definitely made a good choice for the Powerpoint. I know that your remediation has been particularly challenging because your structure is so sophisticated so I think that presenting your facts in powerpoint form is the best way to take this complex format and make it more simple.

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