Making the World a Better Place

I know the title of this blogpost sounds really cheesy, but maybe that is another reason why I write and it definitely is the motivation behind my re-purposing and re-mediation projects. This semester I’m in CICS 301, Human Security, which is a requirement for International Studies Majors. The main purpose of the class is to educate us to be better citizens who will make a difference and stop human rights violations that happen everyday all over the world. It’s probably unrealistic that all 260 of us in the class are going to go on to make huge strides in humanitarian work, but my professor’s constant reminder that it is up to us to stop injustices helped inspire my work in Writing 200.

For the re-purposing assignment, I took a 12 page research paper about female genital cutting (FGC) and Chinese footbinding and repurposed it into a policy memo urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to be more proactive in the movement to eradicate FGC. The challenge of the Policy Memo wasn’t so much learning a new style of writing; rather, it was proposing my own model to eliminate FGC. My ideas for this proposal are inherently biased by my own values, cultural heritage, and knowledge from health classes I have taken, but moreover, they serve the purpose to make a difference in this world and better the lives of innocent young girls.

The re-mediation takes my ideas one step further and put mere words of a policy memo into a form of action. For this assignment, I will be using publishing software to create an educative book to be distributed to African mothers in both urban and remote rural regions of Africa. The technological aspect of this project is going to be a huge struggle for me, so if anyone has any advice or experience with anything of this nature, please let me know! Another challenge of the book will be keeping it neutral; I don’t want to offend any of the mothers I am trying to persuade to stop performing FGC because they themselves are circumcised.

For the storyboard, I am going to pretend I am pitching the idea to the WHO employees whom I addressed in the policy memo. I am going to attempt to convince them why they should distribute my book across Africa and use it to educate women on the dangers of FGC. I am passionate about this topic because I am passionate about women and children’s health as well as human rights and gender equality. So maybe it is cheesy, but I am creating this book in the hopes that it could change the world and make it a better place.

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