The Best Bad Ideas Come Late at Night

So, I’m an insane person. It’s currently 5:07 AM on the Saturday of Halloweekend.  I did not go out. I stayed in and watched Mean Girls with my roommate, drank coffee, and baked a few loaves of pumpkin bread.  Clearly, I have a phenomenal social life. And it’s only going to get better once November 1st comes around.  Why, you ask?

"Actually, I couldn't care less. Thanks for being so presumptuous, though."

Because in November, as part of NaNoWriMo (or less awesomely, National Novel Writing Month), I will be attempting (keyword) to write my first novel.  This decision seems ill advised, as it would appear I’m behind in all aspects of my life, academic or otherwise right now. The goal of NaNoWriMo is literally to write a rough draft of an entire novel over the thirty days of November.  I kind of signed up expecting myself to crap out around day three or so, and to be honest, that’s still a very possible ending to this story.  I didn’t even have an idea for a novel until about two hours ago. But now that I’ve got one, I’m pumped and won’t allow myself to sleep until I have at least three pages of story and ideas written in (digital) ink.  I’ve got an idea I’m excited about in my mind, and if I’ve learned one thing about writing in the last few months, is that when I’m inspired, I have to write IMMEDIATELY after conceiving an idea.  That’s kind of how this blog post came about.  I was writing and brainstorming for the novel when I thought that this might work for my blog entry this week. And now, here I am, writing a blog post about how I thought to write a blog post about how I thought to write a novel.

I apologize for absolutely everything about this. (Source:

Ideally, a NaNoWriMo participant aims to write 175 pages (50,000 words) before the month is over.  I’ve never written any piece of fiction longer than sixteen pages, so I’m a little worried about how this could end up.  Realistically, I don’t see myself meeting the goal set by whoever makes standards for NaNoWriMo, but I figure if I can contribute about three pages a day or so, I’ll end up with a good start that I can keep working on. After all,  I am still a student, who has to do other things like homework and laundry to do. The realist in me says this could be totally detrimental to my school work, which is a valid concern, but the optimist in me likes to think writing regularly like this will actually help me preserve momentum in other projects.  We’ll see which wins out.

Abandon seems like an appropriate word for this. I definitely see myself abandoning sleep, food, social activity, and sanity in the coming 30 days.

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  1. It is awesome that you are going to attempt to write a novel. That is something that I eventually want to do in my life, but it is definitely difficult to find the motivation to do so. I look forward to hearing about more of your ideas for the novel. I also enjoyed trying to say the word NaNoWriMo. It’s a fun word to say 🙂

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