Photo Editing – Testing Out Picnik

Photo editing is an interesting concept if you really think about. Why should we be able to change how things look in reality? Are we actually just perfecting the past by perfecting our present photos? We now have the ability to remove blemishes, make ourselves look tanner, crop parts out of photos, etc. There is an endless list of possible transformations that a photo can go through. I am not saying that I am against this because I personally love editing my pictures as well as changing the color scheme from plain color to black and white, sepia or enhanced colors, but there is just a lot that can be done with photos today. I decided to try out the photo editing website Picnik that was presented in the technology presentation last week.

I adjusted the saturation and contrast, applied a 1960s effect and blurred the outside of the photo except the focal point of tomatos.

3 thoughts to “Photo Editing – Testing Out Picnik”

  1. Dana-I think it is a really interesting point you bring up about editing photos in general-why shouldn’t we just leave things be? If that’s the way it looked when it happened, then that’s it. This generalization can be applied to many situations though and my first thought was on cosmetic plastic surgery. We look one way, why should we edit ourselves to make us look like we are something we are not? It’s just an interesting paradigm, because I, like you, am not against photo editing or any other media editing, for that matter.

  2. I totally agree with Katie. It is a really interesting position that technology put us in. We are constantly being told that we are beautiful for who we are and we should love ourselves and not be pressured by society. On the flip side, it is so easy to quickly fix things with technology that we kind of live in two separate realms. I always also wonder if photo editing takes away from the skill of photography or does it create an art form?

  3. I see where you are all coming from, but I sort of disagree. I really think that editing photos is a new form of art. The original photo is like a primary resource, an example of something that happened then and there, and represents a time period. But an edited photo can be considered a secondary resource, we fixed it to how it was appealing in our own eyes, what we wanted to focus on, what we want it to represent. I don’t really think you can compare plain photographs and edited ones… I think they fall into two different categories.

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