Things I have done in the last hour and a half:

1. Planned a barn dance.

2. Hacked into my friends facebook while he was getting coffee.

3. Walked around every floor of the ugli and talked to everyone and anyone I could find. #thUGLIfe.

4. Took a photograph in a library so I could photo edit it.

5. Painted my nails…in the library.


Things I need to do:

1. Revise two essays.

2. Write an essay.

3. Read two whole books. Yes that’s right.  Not one, but two.

4. Respond to my emails.

5. Finish my application for a steering committee.


The art of procrastination is  a perfected skill in the writing process.  The most brilliant moments in the writing process come between 2AM and 5AM after consuming a five-hour energy and six cups of coffee right?  Your delusional insight that happens in the middle of the night is more profound that Plato and Aristotle.

The most difficult part of writing is actually starting.  My repurposing essay is open on my screen, I promise.  It’s just hidden behind twitter, facebook, my pandora station, and Nordstrom’s shoes…pumps to be precise.

Michigan students pride ourselves on our ability to work under pressure and excel in the toughest times.  The funny part is that we seem to procrastinate so badly that we end up always working under pressure.  Every one of us says:

“Today is the day.  I will conquer my book.  I will work for 8 hours. #michigandifference.” 

Lies. Lies. Lies. This works for about 4 minutes.  There are just so many more fun things to do.  Go on a walk, eat some food, clean.  That’s right.  I think most of us would rather clean than actually start writing a paper.  Only under the influence of pressure do we actually start things.  What in the world happened to us all?

Dear High School Paige,

Don’t forget your ability to start assignments on they day they are given and two weeks before the deadline.  Your ability to be responsibly and proactive is a precious, precious gift.


Your Collegiate Counterpart

PS: Don’t start drinking coffee.  Believe it or not, you will be capable of drinking at least two pots a day.


I think we should change our position on procrastination.  We should pride ourselves in our ability to overcome obstacles (sleep) and work under pressure (3 hours, 5 minutes, and 12 seconds until my cTools assignment closes).  Writers: do not be defeated!  Conquer your biggest enemy…yourself.


Procrastination at it's finest. Facebook, Twitter, and Food. (Taken by Paige Szymanski)



2 thoughts to “#procrastination”

  1. Girl, I hear ya. Seriously…. I’m so over this homework stuff. I’m fine with going to class. And I love learning… I just can’t bring myself to do anything anymore. I don’t know why, because I’m in classes that I wanted to take, not ones I had to take. The topics are interesting. The materials I’m reading, researching, and writing about are intriguing. I’m just so done…………..

    Also, I love how you seemed to talk to yourself in this. I do that all the time.

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