reading is introspection.

The blog post I liked best was my response to the ong article where I talked about texting. This is a surprise to me because what I find more enjoyable is open ended blogging where we don’t have a topic. In this type of format, I think it is nice to be able to explore whatever interests you. Yet my response to the ong article was far superior to my other responses. So what does this tell me? I personally respond best to directed topics; however, I can still be creative in my response. This is not what I thought I would find. I guess, based on reading my responses, the most valuable kind of blog prompts are the ones that are somewhat directed but not so specific that they don’t allow for individual interpretation.

On a whole, I found the comments on my blog were more or less a response rather than a critique which can be interpreted as good or bad. One of the greatest strengths of this class is the feedback which we receive form members of our blog groups on our papers. I found that really helped me shape my writing and was very constructive. On the blog, I wasn’t getting that same critical response, but then again, a blog is a much more personal, and thus harder to criticize piece. I am not sure what the aim of the comments is and whether or not these comments on fulfilling this aim.

2 thoughts to “reading is introspection.”

  1. I think the comments could be utilized more for critical responses, it would just take a lot of effort and tact. We all would just have to think more about the comments before we post them. However, I do like the part of the format where we can all sort of support each other’s writing related panics, it is a pretty valuable and unique aspect of the whole blogging thing.

  2. I agree with Alex. I’d like the comments to be a little more writing based sometimes too. I definitely understand why they aren’t though. The blogs are so informal. As writers, I’m not sure how much time we spend on the actual presentation of the blogs. I know for me, I like to whip out a response and click submit without really re-reading it. I definitely can try to work on more critical comments in the future for you.

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