Reflection on Blogging

Posts: I noticed that all of my blog posts have a very reflective, introspective, personal feel. I think I learn more about myself as a writer as I blog. My blog writing style is similar to theĀ self-reflective comments we write for assignments. As far as the reading response posts go, I have a sort of conversation with the text/author (although I know they will not actually answer). When it comes to the open-ended “write about something writing related” posts, I think I focus on my writing process and my feelings towards writing. Each new writing task I encounter in life gives me a new perspective on writing, and I like to talk about this in my blog posts. Overall, I think my blog posts are reflective of me as a writer. I try to use an informal, conversational tone and really express what I’m feeling. I would describe my blog persona as honest and self-reflective. I think my newer posts are most satisfying because I felt really passionate about the topics I was blogging about. My older posts and some of the reading response posts are not as satisfying because as I read them I can tell I didn’t really care about the topics I was writing about. This could have to do with my hatred of long reading assignments and lack of interest in overly in-depth historical accounts (like the Ong piece).

Comments: I really like the comment function of the blog. It allows me to see that people are actually reading what I write which is always a good thing. Most of the comments I received show that the reader agrees with me in some way or at least understands where I’m coming from. This plays into the idea that blogging is a conversation. I found the comments to my first post most satisfying because my peers asked questions in their comments which led to a back and forth discussion. I think this is how the commenting function is supposed to work. I love reading comments that seem to praise my blog posts. As I read through the comments, I don’t think any of them are unsatisfying. Even the ones that disagree with me still offer a glimpse of insight as to why they think differently than me. These type of comments allow me to approach things from new perspectives. My comments are almost all full of praise. I always try to look for the best in my peer’s blog post and highlight that aspect of it. Since I know how great it feels to receive compliments, I try to compliment others as I leave comments. I also try to mention if I agree with them on certain opinions; this is similar to what I’ve noticed in the comments I’ve received.

Beneficial blogging: As I’ve mentioned before, I think some in-class blogging would be beneficial to me as a writer because it would allow me to write in a controlled setting without much distraction. I also really like the openness of the blog assignment and the freedom to choose when and how to blog. I think this will help make me a stronger blogger.

Current goals for blogging: I plan to blog about things that really interest me in terms of writing. This way, my blogs will reflect the true me. I also plan to blog when I am free of distractions and actually have something meaningful to say.

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