Technology Presentation: Mapping

Mapping is a technology which uses maps as a  jumping off point for analyzing trends, and optimizing the route you take to go on a trip. Many of us use mapping every day with our extensive use of Mapquest, Google Maps, and GPS systems, as well as other Internet-based comprehensive maps. Also available are softwares like Microsoft MapPoint, where you can put data sets on a map in order to identify trends, maximize output, and track your company’s sales. Microsoft MapPoint is useful for businesses taking a closer look at different markets and demographics.



Microsoft MapPoint is available for North America and Western Europe currently and costs $299.95 to download or ship.

A similar software, available on University computers is called ArcView and Biomedware, though Biomedware focuses more on geography and the environment, and looking for relationships between the environment and health.

Mapping technologies you may be more familiar with include Mapquest:

On Mapquest and Google Maps, you can input an address and immediately find directions to that address, as well as restaurants, schools, and shopping in the area. Theses websites also have a rating system where users can comment on locations. Click and drag features help you customize your route.

Global Positioning System, or GPS,  ranges in price from $100 to$800. Some cars have GPS systems in the dashboard, as do motorcycles. Features include voice navigation, “Where Am I,” Bluetooth compatibility, and multiple street views.


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