Unexpectedly Peregrine

It’s not that it retards me. Hah, I wish that was it. No, it’s really comes down to my indolence. I have never taken the time to hone my technique. Well, let’s be honest, I’ve never practiced period. When a test rolls around, I simply memorize the necessary information. That’s practical; that gets you an “A”—or so I thought.

Estoy aqui: at the point where the bare minimum isn’t good enough anymore. My professor actually expects me to be able to write a 400-word essay. She must be joking. She has to be.

Every palabra incites more doubt. Is my syntax correct? Does this make sense semantically? Comma or no comma?

A page, measly page, is causing this much trouble.

Spanish, I hate you. I hate your pronunciation barriers. I hate your separate grammar. Most of all, I hate that I want to be able to speak you fluently, becoming un hispanohablante.

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Maybe, I’ll take the time to learn the language well down the road. Until then, Spanish 277, I’m fully aware that this class is pass-fail.

Joseph Elliott

Hello, my name is Joseph Elliott, and I am a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, obtaining a Minor in Writing.

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  1. I feel you. One year in the RC was all it took for me to know that I despise spanish; however, I also found learning another language to be the most beneficial experience of my life. Hang in there! suerte.

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