Video Editing Project by Jordan and Joline

Why would you need to edit videos?

-class projects

-edit home movies

-amateur film

-promotion for a club or event

-make an advertisement

-practice skills you may need later in life

What can you do?

-cut out parts of clips

-add music/sound effects

-add text


-fade out

-green screen

-distort the image

– iMovie:

What are your options?

Most likely, your computer comes with some type of movie editing. Macs come equipped with iMovie while Windows comes with MovieMaker.  There is a wide range of software available, ranging from free downloads to expensive professional-quality software.  A few that we found online include: pinnacle, adobe premiere pro, final cut pro, VirtualDub, and wax.  For the purposes of this class, we will mostly be focusing on iMovie because of its accessibility to the majority of the class.

Different ability levels:

iMovie and MovieMaker are very user-friendly and easy to use.  Most people would be able to figure them out by playing around with their different options.  Tutorial video for iMovie:

Final Cut Pro is definitely for the dedicated movie editor.  In June 2011, Apple cut its price from $1000 to $300 for this software. Even with the drastic price drop, this is still pretty expensive.  However, with this more expensive option comes more abilities and specialties.  Apple’s Final Cut Pro website:

Pinnacle Studio software is for someone who has an interest in video, but it not as invested as someone who would use Final Cut Pro.  Pinnacle products range in price from $59.99-169.99.  This allows you to shoot videos in HD and gives you more options than iMovie or MovieMaker.

What options are supported by the University:

The Computer Showcase offers discounts on many types of video editing software.

On University computers, they are equipped with either iMovie or MovieMaker (depending on Mac or PC) and they also have Adobe Premiere Pro.


What are your favorites?

Jordan’s favorite is MovieMaker because she has a PC so it is easily accessible. Also, she is a beginner and is not ready for more advanced software.

Joline’s favorite is iMovie because she is familiar with it and it is on her computer already.

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