Wasting Time. Wasting Words.

So as I was sitting in class today reading “Death in Venice”, something occurred to me. It’s not just that I dislike it when professors waste my time. I hate it when anything wastes my time: waiting in line at the grocery, time spent driving in the car.

Writing is no exception. It drives me crazy when I read a piece of work, and I feel like it is wasting words. For example, Death in Venice. I get that it is supposedly a masterpiece, but I couldn’t stand it. He extends what could take 8 pages into 80. I like description and all, but only when it serves a purpose. Sometimes I think less is more. Don’t write it unless it matters. It shouldn’t be there unless it is enriching the piece. As I believe I have previously written on my blog, art must carry its justification in every line, and if you ask me most lines in this piece should not exist.

This makes me think about my own writing. Since I find it so frustrating when other people’s writing “wastes my time” and “wastes precious words” I need to be careful that mine doesn’t. If I can’t justify that paragraph, that sentence, that word, then it needs to go.

One thought to “Wasting Time. Wasting Words.”

  1. Joline, I totally agree! I hate reading pieces that “beat around the bush.” Sometimes, I worry that I am too direct that my flow is awkward. What about you?

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