We can live like Jack and Sally if we want.

Halloween is (and always has been) my favorite holiday ever. I love Halloween like some people love Christmas, that is to say, I am entirely obsessed. I don’t think my house mates realized just how much I love Halloween until I decorated our entire house with lights, stuffed ghosts, signs, and pumpkins. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of candy in our “Candy Cauldron”. Not only have I had my costumes carefully planned for weeks (three of them), I have an entire duffle bag full of past costumes for my friends to borrow.
Why do I love Halloween so much? Well, yeah it’s great to get candy, but mostly I love Halloween for the same reasons I love writing. On Halloween, you get to use your imagination. You get to pretend to be someone your not. It’s not that I would want to be anyone else, but sometimes it is fun to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to live a life that is so far from your own. This Halloween, I got to be Sailor Moon, a Navy Seal, and Sookie Stackhouse, all which are extremely different, and extremely different from the everyday life of Joline Nichole Smith.
When I write, I get to be whatever character I create. I get to go on wild adventures, all with in the confines of my safe reality. Halloween is all about being scared, right? Well, what is scarier than living a life you aren’t used to? Being the characters in my writing, living out their adventures, is thrilling for me, but at the same time, it is comfortable because it is only pretend. When I finish that story, I get to go back to my mundane life. Similarly, when Halloween is over, I can take off my costume and just be myself again. It is a shame Halloween only comes around once a year, but I am lucky I have realized I can celebrate through my writing any day.

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