Where to start….

It’s 11:09 PM on Sunday. Usually by this time on Sunday I am exhausted. Sundays are usually filled with non-stop homework, reading, writing. Fridays and Saturdays I usually stay up too late; I then sleep in but it’s not quite enough to make up for the difference. Really, I’m just ready for a break- but we just had two days off. What is going on here.

I feel most college students feel this way. Sometimes the weekend is more stressful than the week. What’s stressful about going to class? Most of my classes I sit in a big room and listen to a professor speak.  I can use my computer to write emails, check my phone, and if I even wanted, I could probably sleep.  Then I’ll come home, attend a meeting or two, go to work, or do homework. There’s one day where I have class all day until 7, and the next day I don’t have class. Usually by the end of that night I’m so brain dead that I just save all my work for the next day.

What is the point of all this?

The point is that I always save too much work for the weekend. I try to keep myself calm during the week by saving a little more for me to do every Saturday and Sunday. I’m still researching for my paper. I feel like I am so behind. I really do love the topic, I’m just starting to feel drained. I am hoping that it is because all I have been doing is going through book after book, reading chapters that pertain to my topic, and marking them with sticky notes. Hours upon hours of this activity does not get too exciting, my friends. I have a small outline, so hopefully Tuesday I can create a detailed outline with examples from the books and articles, and then it will be smooth sailing from there… right? If not, this most definitely will not be completed by Thursday.

So if anyone else feels stressed, overwhelmed, or just really wish this assignment was over.. take a look down below. Pretend you’re swimming with the turtle.. maybe it will help you feel better.

Courtesy of National Geographic http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/green-sea-turtle-hawaii/

2 thoughts to “Where to start….”

  1. I totally relate to your blog post. Sundays are the most painful day of homeworking for me too. I definitely think that the hardest part of class is actually getting my body there. The class part is easy. On a more serious note, I really liked the ending of the blog post. I liked how you were appropriately personal. You did a really nice job writing for your audience and who would be reading your blog. It is really easy to feel connected to the author.

    1. I really liked the word “homeworking” in Paige’s post. =)

      Bethany-I can relate to the research part being somewhat of a drag. Organizing all of the sources you have into something coherent is usually the least enjoyable part for me. Hopefully after talking with our blog group, you are feeling a little more inspired. If it makes you feel any better, I’m still working on D/2 for Re-Purposing too. This means editing for the final should be a breeze! Good luck!

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