Wow, it’s been awhile…

As I was sitting at work (bored behind a desk), I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a really long time.  And seeing how I usually have the most free time  while I’m at work, I decided to post.

So, to give an update about my repurposing piece: I guess it’s coming along.  It definitely has a shape and form, though still is slightly all-over-the-place.  I definitely have a place that I’m going, I just am not exactly sure how/when I will get there. I want my Huffington Post article to be believable and legitimate but I also want to make sure to get my point across.  I guess I have this fear that my paper will be a giant failure and sometimes it’s easier to just not think about it.  I have this paper looming over my head and even though I try to push it out with other projects for other classes, it’s always there.  I also fear that I will never be satisfied with my paper and will forever just hate it. So many issues.

What I need to do: Fix it!  Learn that it’s okay if I’m having a hard time but giving up on it won’t help anything.  I need to look at my draft and revise, revise, revise. I need to stop thinking that if I don’t think about it, it will just disappear.  Because it won’t.

I know I’ll make it, I just have to keep going.  This turned out to be a much more depressing post than I meant for it to be…

One thought to “Wow, it’s been awhile…”

  1. I like how you reassure yourself that you can complete this paper! I sometimes feel this way too when working on certain writing assignments, but it always seems to work out. After hearing your idea in class, I think you will produce a great piece of writing. Use the free time you have at work to perfect your article!

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