Writing is HARD

Okay, this is not the assignment blog for this week, which I will definitely do very very soon. I am in the middle of editing one paper and attempting to start another one, so naturally, I spent most of the afternoon watching The Big Bang Theory and eating Starbursts.

Sheldon does not approve of my slacking. (Image from Consumer Credit Card Guide. Why? I do not know)

I love writing once I am in the middle of it, and have ideas flowing all around, writing them down one after another at warp speed, like a WORDNINJA. But sometimes, like today, it is like trying to slowly get into a cold pool. My mom and grandma do this thing where they get into a pool one step at a time, and walk back and forth for like a half an hour before actually going under. This is what I have been doing all day. Walking back and forth, with one essay minimized on my computer screen and materials for the other one sitting on my desk. There is always something else to do, like check my email for the umpteenth time (totally justified. There is ALWAYS more email). But the problem with that is that this story generally ends with me knocking back Diet Cokes at 2am the night before the essay is due, and my proofreading skills seriously deteriorate after dark. So I am going to get back on it, finish editing, stay off Facebook, and write at least two paragraphs of the second essay before I go to bed. Yes! I can do this!


I am going to blow this essay up with my MIND! (Image courtesy of fellow blogger of the charming moniker "Spacefart.")



Mkay. Maybe after dinner.



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