The Yancey article really got me thinking about reflective comments and their purpose.  It definitely made me see a reason for putting them into every paper we’ve done so far in this class. I think it was most interesting to read this article from the perspective of a student who has been assigned reflective comments for a paper because he writes with the voice of a teacher speaking to other teachers.

I think that self-reflective comments serve many purposes. They allow the writer to voice some internal thoughts and reasons for doing certain things in their work.  This usually makes the writer feel more comfortable with their work.  I know that for our class, the self-reflective comments were something that most people said they enjoyed when asked during the mid-term assessment.  The reader (and normally the person assessing the paper) can have some clarity for possible confusion.

So why don’t more teachers take advantage of this?  Yancey touched a little bit on the fact that it is difficult for some teachers to allow their students to self-grade, which is understandable based on the fact that most students would give themselves an A.  However, having them place in comments on things that might not be working in their paper would be a great way to help guide discussions and begin a basis for grading.

I really enjoyed this article and if I were a teacher, I would definitely begin to employ a self-reflective comment feature to most of my assignments. Even though it isn’t required, I just might start doing that on my papers.

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  1. I agree! I think self reflective comments are extremely valuable. For the final draft of the first paper, I wrote a bunch of self-reflective comments showing why I made the choices that I did. Not only did it help explain things to the reader, but it also solidified in my mind why I made the choices that I did. I didn’t randomly include information in my paper, the structure, words, and ideas all had a purpose and describing that purpose through self-reflective comments helped explain my writing process to the reader. These comments should be part of every class!

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