“A Picture is worth a thousand words”

My motivations as a writer are still evolving, but I can say confidently that my mission is not to change the world through my work, nor to create profound observations and challenges, but to just make people think about new ideas.

It’s kind of a simple mission, but I want to demonstrate and highlight it by using photography.

I want my eportfolio to be a bit provocative both in terms of the written content and the photographs that accompany each piece. I would like to categorize my writing into different themes (I’m thinking 4-5) and use photographs to guide the reader into each sub-section, but then additional photographs that demonstrate the theme of each sample. Where will I get my photographs? Well I’ve taken a few good ones myself, and am still working on developing my personal collection, but in the meantime, I’ll turn to the pros:

Foreign Policy Magazine

This photograph was featured on Foreign Policy Magazine’s “The Worst Places to be a Mother” which lists ten countries where being a mother is a life-or-death struggle This mother is struggling to keep her child alive in the Sudan, where there is the  highest rate of maternal deaths per year in the world.

JR  (I’m not actually sure what his real name is http://jr-art.net/ ) is another artist who completed a “Women are Heros” exhibition that documented women throughout the world:


I’m really drawn towards global photographers. I have found a few that I especially like:

Brent Stirton: http://www.brentstirton.com/

And also Jan Sochor: http://www.jansochor.com/

There are a few other fantastic artists who have done projects that specifically document women around the world including Annie Griffith:


I was originally turned off by the idea of creating an interactive portfolio, but as I think more about the message I want to send, I’m thinking it would be silly not to include interactive opportunities. Afterall, if my mission is to promote dialogue, then I need to reflect this by allowing readers to comment and to criticize.

Feedback is very important to me, and I am still thinking about ways to facilitate that, but am not yet sure if I want the feedback to be public or not. Might negative criticism undermine my work? Or could it instead strengthen it?

These are my thoughts thus far. I’m getting excited about creating this!!

2 thoughts to ““A Picture is worth a thousand words””

  1. Wow these pictures are amazing! I’ve always considered myself an outsider to art; I can appreciate it but if I ever try to create it, I fail. I am really excited to see how your webpage turns out!

  2. These images remind me of that picture of that girl from Afghanistan that was featured in National Geographic and it was the most beautiful, haunting picture I have ever seen. Do you know which one I am talking about?
    This is the before and after picture of her. The articles with them are really good too.
    As far as an interactive feature, I’m a little divided on the issue too. We all know people can be really vicious on the Internet, but I also feel like that in the context of something like your e-portfolio that will be more professional and thought-provoking, that that will call on people to be their best selves. Maybe?

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