All Is Good

I’ve never had any assignment like this one before, and I’m enjoying it!

I feel like a successful re-mediation won’t necessarily be a good piece of writing or even have well-articulated and logical verbal language (in a video or podcast), but will demonstrate sensitivity to a new audience and to the new medium through which the message is communicated. I’ve never been able to practice the skill of being a flexible, adaptable writer before, but I can see the relevance in knowing how to reach completely different people and in a completely different way, but present the same message, and maintain a consistent purpose.

For my project, I’m re-mediating an argumentative journal article into a podcast one might hear on NPR. I’m excited about mixing and mashing up the paper into the opinions and commentary of members in the talk show, but mostly about having no set format I have to force my language into. It’s all up to me!

Ahh sweet freedom…kinda makes me feel like this:

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Enjoy these precious few weeks of beauty, friends.

2 thoughts to “All Is Good”

  1. I have been struggling to understand the “main point” of this assignment. I’ve been trying to find the proper balance between technology and writing and it’s been driving me insane. But….I think you said it perfectly when you said that a successful remediation should “demonstrate sensitivity to a new audience and to the new medium through which the message is communicated.” I think you said it perfectly and that this applies to everyones’ projects regardless of the medium of re-mediation!

  2. Ugh, I sort of feel like the people in the picture would feel like if they got lost in those gorgeous woods and the darkness is falling and suddenly you’re just aware of how freaking LOUD all those unseen problematic bugs can be, in the forest that is your project. …

    BUT it is going to be very good for me to stumble around in that pitch-dark woods and maybe get some bruises and lose my dignity by tripping over a massive stump and people will be all like, “Come ON, how did she NOT SEE that massive tree stump right there?” and eat popcorn and giggle at my misfortunes. But – uh- where was I? Oh, right, the good part.

    The good part will be that I will be forced to navigate this stupidly ambitious thing that is my forest/project, and I will finally learn some key things, like where the North Star is, exactly, and how to make things look pretty on a website.

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