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It seems like everyone on the planet has read The Hunger Games trilogy, and though relatively late compared to the rest of the world, I have decided to jump on that bandwagon.  I ordered the first book on my Kindle to read during the 10 hour car ride to North Carolina, our Thanksgiving destination.   I’m not going to lie, the book was captivating.  I really enjoyed the unique storyline and became extremely attached to the characters.  Before the car trip was over, I had finished the first book and was begging my mom to stop at Panera so that I could use the Wifi to download the second one.  Though at first I unhappy about being forced to wait (“once we get to your uncle’s house, you can use the internet!”), I am thankful that I had a chance to think about what I had just read.

What makes a book interesting to the reader?  Why are some books extremely well-written but also extremely boring?  Are the best books ones that are action-packed?  All of these questions were swarming my mind while I shut my eyes and tried to nap away the rest of the roadtrip.

I think that sometimes a book can get away with mediocre writing if the idea behind the story is really captivating.  On the other side of the coin, many people enjoy reading books with lots of beautiful prose and less of an intriguing story.  Maybe it depends on the personality of the reader.

Personally, I enjoy a great story.  When I read not only do I connect with the characters, I feel what they are feeling.  I find myself smiling when things are going well for Katniss during the Games and I cry with her when she loses a fellow player who she has become close with.  Though I must admit, the writing and editing could be improved (finding three typos in the first book is never a good sign), I count this book as a success.  When I am doing something else, I think about how certain things relate to the book and how I want to continue reading.  I talk about the story constantly (my mother will never have to read these books because I have reiterated the entire story to her) and that in it of itself makes the book a success.

On a side note, I appreciate a story that is geared for young adults that manages to avoid a sex scene and swearing throughout the entire book.  It is a rare occurrence and that definitely made an impact on me as well.

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  1. I agree with this whole-heartedly! My younger sister was reading the third book over the break and instead of doing homework, I decided to begin reading the trilogy. I admit, I was hooked from the get-go! Even though there is something really uncomfortable about reading the same thing as your 13 year old sister, the characters and story itself really drew me in. I am a third of the way through the third and I am waiting until the next break to begin reading it again. I am NOT so happy about this.

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