Electronic Portfolio Proposal

I would like my portfolio to have a very clean, organized look and feel.  That does not mean that it necessarily needs to be simplistic, I just want it to be very easy to operate and look classy.  I think that I want the primary colors of my portfolio to be black, white and red (a very modern look).  I have not yet explored the templates on Weebly, where I will be posting my portfolio, but I am sure they will have something that can accommodate my needs.   I want to strive for my portfolio to look very professional, nothing that could be misconstrued as childlike.  I definitely want to include a picture of myself, though I am not sure exactly sure which picture I will put it yet.  My page will include an “About Me” section which will explore my personal life, hobbies and recreation activities.  I want to present myself as a professional writer and I think that my ideal audience would be an employer someday.  I plan on attending graduate school for psychology but I think that when I am applying for jobs, having a background in writing will be extremely beneficial.  This portfolio will be a supplement to my actual resume.  I will categorize my pieces of writing into separate groups to try to maintain the organized feel.  The groups will be: psychological writing, creative writing, and other academic writing.  This way, the reader will be able to only read the essays that they so choose.  If I am applying for a psychologist position, most likely they will not be interested in my creative writing.  However, if they want to get a feel for who I am as a person, reading this may be extremely helpful.  I am not going to merely include links; I will have the entire piece on the page for them to read.  I think this looks more professional.  I am not going to include any sort of Web 2.0 into my portfolio because I do not think that is very professional-looking.  I do not want comments on something that will be a part of my resume to a job and I surely do not want my future employers to look at my Facebook or Twitter feed.  I think it would be cool to have some light classical music playing in the background while the users are exploring the site.  I will also include images that complement my writing pieces and include them in the actual essays themselves.

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