ePortfolio Proposal

Overarching Theme: In my electronic portfolio, the overall theme will be a “journey.”  Because we are going to be uploading different stages of drafts for each essay, I think this theme will work to tie each piece together.  While I do not want to make this theme the main aspect of the portfolio (for example, by blatantly telling my audience that this is my theme), I will make the theme very clear through the different writing components of the portfolio.  For example, this idea will be stressed in the “About Me” section, as well as a piece of writing explaining my process of writing for each essay.  While I do think having a theme is important for the continuity of the portfolio, I do not want this theme to be the main component of my portfolio, for I think that my writing should be the center of the portfolio.

Audience: My target audience is students, or people who are genuinely interested in the process of writing.  I want to present myself to my audience as someone who is still on the journey to learning how to write, rather than someone who thinks that the journey is over.  In order to present myself in this way, I would like to include pieces of writing that I have saved from middle school, high school, and college.  Doing so will make my writing journey very clear to my readers, and will also show them that my writing is constantly evolving, making it clear that my writing journey is not yet over.

Distinction:  The writing that will be the focus of my portfolio will be what makes it distinctive.  The different stages of my writing within the portfolio will present me as a writer who is still learning.  Also, I would like to make my portfolio distinct by including my blog posts that show my feelings towards the specific writing assignment to really give the reader a look into my mind and writing process.  Additionally, I want to scan in drafts of my essay that I wrote hand written notes on while editing, to again give the reader a glimpse into my writing process.  Because I want my writing to be the main focus of the portfolio, the design will be very simple.  This simplicity of my portfolio will again work to make it distinctive by putting the writing, rather than the design, on display.

Design: Because I want my portfolio to be very simple, I do not want to include any web 2.0 elements in my portfolio.  I think that doing so will take away from the simplicity of the portfolio and will distract readers from my writing.  While I do not want to include any web 2.0 elements, I do want to design my website so it puts my writing on display.  Therefore, I do not want to imply attach a pdf of my writing.  Instead, I want to integrate my writing into the template of the website, making it look like a natural extension of the template rather than something that was simply copied and pasted.

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