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Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I hope to get out of the Writing Minor and the writing classes I take over the next couple semesters. Knowing how to write persuasively, efficiently, and coherently is extremely important in today’s society. Any future career-oriented ambitions I have involving writing will be about the substance and quality of my work, not the design. Therefore, I want to gear my focus towards the substance of my portfolio as opposed to the layout. I’m going to use a simple layout on WordPress and I’ll include pictures, but I won’t be including audio or video elements.

The theme of my ePortfolio will be showing the parallels of my development through college and adulthood with my development through writing. Therefore, the pieces I select will be placed in chronological order to show my improvement as del as development from writing strict academic essays on literature to writing for a political and emotional purpose. Looking back at my past writing, my current writing is much more personal and mature. I believe writing reflects one’s development through life, so I am curious to analyze this development in my own pieces. I’ll include self-reflective text interspersed with pieces I’ve already turned in to show my perspective on the piece’s place in my development through college.

As I said before, writing is going to be my main focus. I am not going into a field that requires expertise on designing websites or creatively laying out writing. Any writing I do in the future will have be persuasive, well-written, and will probably present research findings in an academic manner. I see the importance of being up to date with technology and understanding how to create a website or a blog. However, I don’t want to spend too much time on the technological aspect of my portfolio, which is why I am choosing to use wordpress.

I’m not entirely sure yet who the intended audience is for my portfolio. I think it would include future employers, friends, family, other students, and teachers. Most importantly, I want this portfolio to reflect my personality and I want to use this opportunity to make sense of my own writing style. I will describe my writing process as it has changed since I started college to show the reader the development I have made over the last couple years.

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  1. I like the fact that you know why you are making this portfolio and are not going to spend time doing something that will not benefit you in the future. My only concern is that you might end up not feeling as emotionally connected to this portfolio if you don’t put a ton into making it.

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