ePortfolio Proposal

I want my audience to have a fun and engaging reading experience. I plan to create my ePortfolio on WordPress because it is a user-friendly, professional looking platform. My goal is to design a purposeful layout and create different tabs in order to provide my readers with easy navigation. Although each writing piece will be different in terms of content and design, I want my portfolio to appear as a cohesive piece reflecting who I am as a writer. I want my readers to view each artifact and gain a full understanding of my purpose and tone. In order to do this, I want to display each writing example neatly and creatively by including visuals such as photos and videos. When appropriate, I will attempt to redesign my various writing examples to further emphasize the thesis of each essay and give my readers another avenue of entry into my writing.

I want my portfolio to be somewhat interactive, but I don’t want the interactivity to distract from my writing examples. I will incorporate links to the various blogs/websites I write for. I also might incorporate my own personal blog and Twitter feed. I’ve considered creating a new Twitter account specifically for this portfolio, but I think my personal account will work just fine because I usually use it to promote my articles anyways. I will probably also include a link to my LinkedIn account in order to connect the two. I haven’t decided if I want to allow comments, but I do plan to include a function that allows readers to contact me if they are seeking a freelance writer or if they want to discuss my writing experience and techniques.  I think this will help me to network with other writers in my field.

I definitely want my portfolio to be organized around a guiding theme because I like when things fit together as a whole. I want my reader to get a real sense of who I am as a writer by reading my portfolio. Every subsection should fit nicely with the overall theme and add something new to the mix. For example, my academic writing will be separated from my fashion/lifestyle writing. I want my theme to be apparent but at the same time I want my readers to make their own interpretations of my portfolio.

As I stated above, I want to include photos and possibly videos in my portfolio because I think they will enhance my original messages and compliment my writing examples. I also might want to include sound, but I’d have to try out different songs and see if they fit well with my guiding theme. I’m very excited to start working on my portfolio and can’t wait to see how the final product turns out.

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  1. I really like what you said about making your portfolio interactive, but at the same time, not going overboard in a way that distracts the reader from the center of the portfolio: the writing. This is something I feel I’m going to struggle with – incorporating web 2.0 aspects into my portfolio and making it aesthetic, but at the same time producing high-quality writing.

    I think it would be cool if you could include songs in your portfolio! Although, I don’t know if it would be as professional if you did.

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