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I figured that for this week’s blog post, I would do what most students in our class seemed to find very helpful. I am going to share my ideas for assignment 3, the re-mediating an argument project, and hopefully, some of you creative cats (weird?) will help me out! I wrote my re-purposing essay as a magazine article for Women’s Health focusing on how America’s current beauty standards for American women are too thin as well as impossible to achieve. I decided to make a PSA for a made up organization called “Project Rebuilding American Beauty: Help American Rebuild Its Image of Beauty, One Woman At A Time.”

This video is going to include real statistics about the frequency and severity of eating disorders in the U.S. as well as feature live interviews with students around campus. Particularly, women discussing what part of their body they are unsatisfied with (if any, but most are!) and men discussing what they really think makes a woman beautiful. I can tell you now that most guys I have asked have not said stick-thin or size 0. The majority of answers that I have gotten are more focused on personality or other non-physical attributes. This is honestly very comforting to hear and I think will also help my project’s main argument a lot. I think it is important for there to be more positive body image content.

Personally, I have a few friends who are suffering from or have overcome an eating disorder and it is a really serious matter. Women, especially young women, don’t realize the lifelong impact that their dangerous eating and exercising habits are having on their bodies. This topic is something that I am personally invested in, but also something that has to stop. Thin models are just getting thinner. Extremely beautiful women are still being photo-shopped in advertisements and campaigns. There needs to be more action and more voices of reason.

I created my rough draft of my story board, but if anyone has any ideas, critiques or comments, it would be much appreciated!

A comical look at the serious topic of distorted body images. I have linked the photo to a website that tells the horrific statistics of eating disorders in America.

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  1. I think this sounds really good! While over-dramatized PSAs are often used to prove a point, I think that this issue is so serious and so detremental to physical and mental health that its going to be a challange to come over with something that “works.” I’m not saying you won’t be able to do it because I totally think you can, I’m just saying that I think its going to be difficult. I’m really excited to see what you come up with!!

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