Pearls, Polo, and Glocks: Paige Meets the Shooting Range 2011

Shooting a Glock is the best stress reliever ever.  Nothing beats the smell of gunpowder in the morning.  I promise if you have never gone shooting before, you will absolutely think it is the greatest thing ever.

I went to the Firearm Exchange in Livonia last Sunday for my first gun range experience of my life.  My uncle, a Marine veteran who loves all things involving guns, has been trying to convince me to do this for the last 20 years of my life.  An organization that I belong to decided to go so I thought, “Why not!”  We walk in, a group of 40 college students dressed like we are ready to go out to Easter brunch, ready to go only to meet our counterparts at the range for the day: a group of about 30 straight up gangsters right off of 8 Mile.

After signing in, they hand you some giant ear protectors and some glasses that look like they came out of your chemistry lab from the 10th grade and point you to where you are going to go shoot things.  First thing I noticed: GUNS ARE LOUD.  This may seem ridiculous to state but when you have 8 guns going off in a cement room, things get crazy.  My friend Tony puts the gun in my hand, shows me how to load it and how to fire, and that’s it.  They let me, a 20 year-old girl in a pink button up with a big bow in my hair, shoot a 22 with about 30 seconds of training.  Granted, I was being supervised, but still.

Let me tell you, never in my life have I felt cooler than when I was reloading my gun and getting to lock the clip in place.  Please envision how cool it looks when you are watching Criminal Minds and they just whip out a clip and reload on the fly.  It feels just as awesome as you’d think.  They even let you take your target home (I put mine on my wall).  I propose a Writing Minor Range Extravaganza.

So much fun.

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  1. I enjoy the juxtaposition of your wearing a bow, pearls and a polo while shooting a Glock. I’ve been shooting with my dad a little, though we usually use hunting rifles. It is a really cool feeling though.

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