How I ended up enjoying storyboarding

I began this storyboard process very frustrated to try to come up with how I would make  a visual outline for something.  I finally concluded that I was just over-thinking the entire process.  As a writer, I often end up over analyzing everything to make sure that I’ve covered every nuanced item on a rubric.  I liked that my storyboard gave me a chance to make a really rough sketch of how my project would look.  I am looking forward to making my next storyboard with more detail.

As ridiculous as it sounds, my favorite part of storyboarding was definitely the coloring part.  I needed a stress reliever and getting to color little pictures of myself definitely was a nice way to get away from my other essays.  In high school, my AP US history teacher would randomly bring in coloring books, and we would all sit in class that day and color…for extra credit actually.  (Welcome to all girls high schools) Movement to bring coloring to college please!  I even support productive coloring like the storyboard.  Something about coloring eclipses an essay about American imperialist agenda setting in Haiti and Vietnam….

Hand drawn with love


3 thoughts to “How I ended up enjoying storyboarding”

  1. Your storyboard is so cute! I do actually get a pretty good idea of what your video is going to look like. It is great that you started to enjoy storyboarding once you got the hang out it.

  2. true story: me and my housemates have coloring books and pretty frequently sit around watch tv and color in them. Come over some time, it is great stress relief.

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