How to know what a professor wants.

Would they just tell us, please?

I understand that they cannot do the work for us. However, this semester in particular, it seems that I have a lot of classes that are giving students the “freedom” to pick writing topics, when in fact they know what they want and we just aren’t getting it. For instance, in my communications ethics in journalism class, my professor is asking that each of us come up with an ethics problem in journalism and report on it. The reporting needs to be a pro and con argument and our own personal opinion on the matter. Although this seems very straight forward, it is the coming up with the topic that is difficult. I have sent him multiple emails with some ideas, and he either sends back an “ok” or a “there is no pro argument to┬áplagiarism.” Oh. Duh. Professor, you are so cute and I know you are really smart, but can you just give me a topic? I swear I will so it justice, but just LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

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