I finally broke down and made a twitter. It was a step by step process. First, I simply made one to look at other people tweets. Then, I tweeted once. Now I have an incessant urge to tweet every five minute. I swore I would never make a twitter. But I did. So now instead of just wasting three hours everyday checking my email and facebook, I also waste time checking my twitter. But twitter is already a fading fad. My housemates are harassing me to make a pintrest. As if I need another distraction… but let’s be real, I give it a week till I have one.
Why is social media so addicting? We humans are all so self centered that not only do we want everyone to know our every thought and interest, we actually think other people care. The generations before us were no different. They just put their thoughts down into novels. Twitter and facebook are the lazy version. In today’s day and age of constant multitasking we are limited to a mere 140 characters to express ourselves. Nobody has time to read the book, so they watch the movie. Nobody has time to make a phone call, so they send a text message. Nobody has time to write a book, so they update their twitter?
I am a skeptic about all of this new technology, and yet, I am just as addicted as everybody else.

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  1. Joline, do you see yourself tweeting about your day/annoyances or more existential topics? I see social media as helpful, innovative tool to invigorate discussion on today’s values and (political) events, like this blog!

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