I can (kinda) edit videos.

Ok. So I just finished my PSA for the remediation project. I learned a few things in the process.  1) I am NO director. My cinematography is horrible, I do not have a steady hand,  and the images in my mind are much better than the scenes that I turn out. 2) Asking friends to act is much easier when they do not have to actually act. For instance, asking my roommate to think about and then eventually pretend to sext–not so convincing. Asking my guy friends to pretend that they just received some sort of inappropriate text and laugh about it together–pretty dang realistic. 3) Asking for help HELPS. I went to the tech desk in the UGLi. You know, the weird glass room, and the girls in there were really helpful! I was unsure how to even save the jpegs on the computer, let alone into iMovie, and they were there looking over my shoulder and ensuring that I was able to get my project done. Very thankful for that!

All in all, I guess this project was not as awful as I thought it would be. However, I am not saying that my work is necessarily pretty..

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  1. This post cracked me up! I say A for effort. I’m finding that a lot of this technology stuff isn’t something you can just try once for a school project and bam! you’re an expert. It almost has to be like a hobby for anyone to become really proficient at it. Also, I’m glad you got help at the Tech Deck! I went in there to get help with Prezi and Jing and none of the staff in the Tech Deck or the Knowledge Navigation Center had ever heard of either program :/ which, needless to say, scared me a lot. haha but I think I have figured it out ! Good luck!

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