My recording disaster

Love/hate relationship

Man, I feel like such an idiot. I was so excited about recording my podcast for the remediating project and it seemed like it was all coming together and BAM. I didn’t save it correctly.  There were like no directions for how to save audio files onto your computer from the manual; it only told you how to upload them.  I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult and I saved the files as a shortcut on my desktop.  That was the wrong thing to do.  When I went to send the files to my email so that I could edit them on GarageBand in the lab, it said that there was no file available.  Of course, this induced a panic because I had done the entire interview plus my own talking parts already.  So after speaking with Naomi, I decided to go to the tech deck to see if they could somehow do some butt-saving for me.  Well, they couldn’t.  So on Thursday I had a full-blown freak-out because of how much work I had to do for all of my classes.  Psych250: Exam on Monday, Psych 280: 8 page research paper due Tuesday, Psych 457: 4 videos to code and an article to read, and now Writing200: rerecord entire interview and leave voice comments.  It just seemed like a lot. But, over the weekend I studied for my exam, finished most of my research paper, re-recorded my voice parts for my podcast (re-interview is tonight!), and finished the videos for Psych457. It was a busy weekend to say the least but I feel so much better.

I have now learned how to save audio files onto my computer.  Its about the easiest thing on the planet.  If I had dragged the file into “My Music” instead of the desktop, a break-down could have been avoided.  But, it will only feel that much better when I have it all done.

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