“Paper Must Be This Long (Or Short)”


Why do professors make page limits?  It’s very annoying and distracts me from focusing on the content of my papers. Instead of trying to get my thoughts out, I worry about the length of my papers. The papers that need to be x pages long always turn out too short or too long. Right now I’m working on a paper for my communications ethics issues in journalism class and am struggling to make it fit the minimum page requirement. I started working on the paper about a week ago and it isn’t due till next Monday. I thought I was doing oh so well and would have the paper finished way ahead of time, but here I am trying to add in more (unnecessary) info and restate every other sentence just to stretch it out from 6 to 7 pages. I understand that certain information must be included, but if I can say what I need to say in 6 pages, why should I force myself to write a whole other page? I have more important things to do than spend a whole week trying to make my paper fit the page requirements when I’ve already spent so long on it. Do you agree with me? What do you think about page limits/requirements?

2 thoughts to ““Paper Must Be This Long (Or Short)””

  1. That is so true! It is so annoying when you have to try to fill a paper with random things that do not really add to your argument. On the other side, it can also be annoying when there are no page limits; it makes me constantly question if my paper is the “right” length. I think the best compromise is having some sort of page range that you should shoot for.

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