Politics and Pearls

E-Portfolio Proposal

Overall Goals:

  • For my E-Portfolio, I would like to present my writing within the framework of politics.
  • The title will be “Politics and Pearls,” because it reflects the political nature of my website while still insinuating that I am quite girly.


  • I would like my layout to be very simple with very muted colors that are still feminine without being “whoa this is very pink.”
  •  I would like to have a main page with different tabs across the bottom for my biography, writing, resume, photos, and contact information.


  • My writing is very focused in an academic direction so I will keep the format most likely the same as it is already in the essay format.  I may consider changing some pieces into a more editorial format.  If I change them into an editorial form, I will allow commenting on the articles.
  • Images will be used to show the less academic side of life.
  • I don’t think that I will include a Twitter feed because I don’t  tweet frequently and my tweets are not relevant to the purpose of my more academic website.

One thought to “Politics and Pearls”

  1. I didn’t even have to read more than the title of this post to know it was you who wrote it. I think this is a perfect idea for you and very representative of you! I am excited to see the finished product.

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