Resume Writing

Over the break, I told myself that not only would I get multiple assignments done that were already due or coming up this week, but I would also get ahead in my classes and study for finals. In retrospect, I don’t know why I even let myself think these thoughts. Now that the break has passed and I got nothing done, I only feel bad about myself.

There was one thing that I managed to accomplish late Friday night. With the help of two aunts and two uncles (all having gone to Michigan law school), I came up with a complete, succinct resume. However, it was no walk in the park getting to that point.

As a college student majoring in Communications and focusing on such fields as sociology and women’s studies, I have taken many courses that require 10 page+ papers. At this point in my college career, I find that length to be normal. What I have found to be difficult is writing things that need to get a point across in  a short article or piece of writing. Perfect example: the resume.

I will admit, there is an added pressure on having the perfect resume because it seems our futures as career-people rely on this one sheet of paper. However, the fact that you have to convey yourself well while limiting it to one page is the real problem! My usual long-windedness when getting to the point of a paper will simply not do in a resume. Be short. Be direct. Limit your bullet-point usage while still optimizing your chances of getting that job. This was not easy for me. I definitely had to rely on the adults that have looked at multiple resumes over the past 20 years to help in that department.

Hopefully they did their jobs…


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