Sorority Formal Advice

I know some of you are in sororities and I would love it if you could give me some tips to include in my upcoming Her Campus article. It’s a guide for freshman girls all about formal. I’m not in a sorority and have only been to date parties and semi-formals so I’m not sure exactly what formal is all about. Please tell me the dos and don’ts of formal–anything from the pre to the post event. I’m looking for things that involve who to bring, what to wear, etc.

I know this is kind of random but it is related to writing and I figured you guys would have great insight into the topic. Please email me your dos and don’ts at Thanks!!

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  1. I’m not sure if other sororities are like this, but in mine semi-formal is always the last date party of first semester and formal is the last date party of second semester. Is your article about the big date party of first semester?

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