Sports Radio Show

My original plan for the re-mediation assignment was to make a sports blog where “bloggers” would write about LeBron James and the way the media portrayed his decision whether or not to stay in Cleveland.  But after making my storyboard and talking with my blog group, I decided to completely change my re-mediation project (I tend to change my mind a lot in this class).  Now, instead of making a sports blog, I am going to make a sports radio show!

The idea of writing a sports blog did not seem at all exciting to me.  To be perfectly honest, doing so would have been very similar to my repurposed essay–creating a website seemed boring.  With the radio show, however, I get to expore a new way of presenting information.  While I still have to write a script, my argument will have to be presented in a completely new way.  I also get to learn how to properly use garageband, which I have played with in the past but never really knew what I was doing.

I am really excited to see how this project turns out!

One thought to “Sports Radio Show”

  1. This is also a good idea. Although I liked the idea for the sports blog, I think that you need to something that you are personally interested in for this project. A possible idea could be to incorporate a variety of “guests” who call in. You could have this scripted and get your friends to be the “callers,” but I think it would help make you project appear to be a real radio show.

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